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Dear students:

      Based on holiday arrangement issued by the General Officeof Tianjin Municipal government, our university’s holiday arrangement of 2019Tomb Sweeping Holiday Arrangement is as follows:

1. Holiday starts from April5 (Friday) – April 7 (Sunday), totally 3 days;    

2. We will have class fromApril 8 (Monday) .    

All the students should go to class ontime from April 8 (Monday). The school will inspect the courseattendance.  

All the international students should payattention to the water and electricity safety and observe the school relevantregulations during the holiday. If there is any illegal case, the school will treatit strictly.  

All the international students shouldreport your travel schedule in advance if you want to go out of the city ofTianjin during the holiday.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 School of InternationalEducation

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